Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Twelve Magic Changelings Paper Dolls--Third Set

These are the Magic Changelings that are a person (I'm counting Humpty Dumpty as a person) on one side and some sort of object on the other. The first is Humpty Dumpty, who turns into an egg--the answer to the riddle that is the nursery rhyme. I had to look up Nancy Netticoat, but it turns out that her story is a lot like Humpty Dumpty's.  "The longer she lives, the shorter she grows," because she is a candle. And the third one is pretty straightforward--Santa Claus turns into a Christmas tree, perhaps to hide from someone who happens to wake up!  There's one more set of the printer-friendly originals, and by the time I've posted them I may be finished with the new ones I've been experimenting with.


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