Monday, March 3, 2014

The Twelve Magic Changelings Paper Dolls--Fourth Set

Here are the last three of the Twelve Magic Changelings paper dolls! These are the town mouse and the country mouse, the frog who would a-wooing go (I had to look this one up) with the lily-white duck, and the lion and the unicorn (I looked those up, too, to refresh my memory, but what I found wasn't as straightforward as the story about the frog; they have a nursery rhyme, an appearance in Through the Looking Glass, and various other historical and literary references).  So, that's the end of the printer-friendly versions of these, but I've been experimenting with the folding style and will soon be posting a couple new dolls of my own. Keep an eye out for the angel from The Angel's Name, since I obviously had the graphics for her handy.


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