Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Angel's Name--Reversible Stable Paper Craft

This reversible paper craft is meant to go along with the angel paper dolls from the previous post. It works in pretty much the same way but must be printed out on two separate pieces of paper due to its larger size. Fold both pieces at the lines (first in half with the colored side out, then accordion style with the top parts folded forward over and showing the back of the paper), cut them out (preferably after folding, so that the guidelines are no longer needed), and glue them together in an X shape (glue each stable to its own back only as far as the fold, then match the front of each stable roof part with the back of the other part). If you've folded and glued correctly, you can flip the stable inside out to show either the Nativity scene or only the animals. If you have trouble with the directions, it might help to look at the previous few posts to see how the paper dolls are put together. Merry Christmas!