Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My First Book Signing

This Sunday's launch party for the community novel was my first book signing! This picture shows me and my mom sitting next to each other and signing books.  We were at one end of a really long table--the book had twenty-two authors, and nineteen of us showed up.  They just passed stacks of books down the table and had us all sign them, including at least one copy for each of us, of course.  I soon realized that my name was far too long to let me keep up with everyone's writing speed!  There's only so much I can do about that, though.

Physical copies of SpeakEasy can be purchased on Amazon here or (for as long as they last) at the Booktique in the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.  The text is available for free electronically, though.  The official library web site still has all the chapters linked to here, and the whole book is also available on Smashwords here.  Everyone involved seems to agree that the novel came together pretty nicely this year, so I'd recommend grabbing a copy from Smashwords and checking it out! It's fun to see how people write when they only have one chapter to make their mark on the story (the author changes show, and that's part of the fun).  And it was fun for me to see a couple of old NaNoWriMo writing buddies, too (shoutout to A.M. Coffee, who is probably reading this!), so I'm glad I made the road trip to be at the book launch.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Picture Book Experiment Post 9--Props

Here's a selection of props for this project.  All of these things either have been used as props, will be used as props, or might be used as props. Every prop is either something I made or some natural item I found. The rocks and the piece of driftwood were picked up on the beach when we went to visit my husband's family, and they have definitely made it into the pictures (in multiple functions). The pot holder is intended for a scene that is probably going to take quite a while to set up at the rate I'm going....  The other thing is supposed to be a swing, made out of twine and pipe cleaners.  It looks a little strange when it's not attached to anything, doesn't it? Hopefully it will look better in the photos so I won't have to remake it.  That's supposed to be for the next scene I photograph, but I need to finish the other swing first.  The baby tried to help me with the first one, so it took quite a bit longer than you'd think it would to make such a simple item! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Picture Book Experiment Post 8--Setbacks

Well, I've had a few setbacks to the project lately.  Not only am I having trouble coming up with props, I actually lost Neon and Jewel for a couple of days.  I finally found them squashed under the seat of the couch. Pipe cleaners are pretty easy to squish back into shape, though, so no worries on that account.  The props are starting to come along, too, but I'm having to make a few things I didn't originally intend. And I've found a couple more potential photo-taking spots (I was being held up for lack of a swing and a place to hang it, actually), so I'll be back at the photographing a.s.a.p.  Baby's been pretty distracting lately--he said "Mommy" last night, which was a bit shocking, since he's still about a week away from six months. It'll be a while before that's a habit, I'm sure, but it's still exciting to hear it once. He's also climbing everything he can get hold of.