Friday, December 20, 2013

The Angel's Name--Complete!

The Angel's Name is officially completed and I've purchased a "custom ISBN" ($10 and gets Elizabeth's Inventions listed as the publishing imprint instead of CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) from CreateSpace and had the files approved for printing. I just ordered proof copies, but the estimated delivery date is unfortunately New Year's Eve. I must say that I had a bit more difficulty than I expected getting my files into a PDF that met CreateSpace's printing specifications, and that's what caused some of the delay. I used a template to format my pages, so the layout was never an issue, but I tried to save as PDF from Microsoft Word on a borrowed computer because my Word 2003 won't do it, and that was rather a disaster--I never did figure out how to do it without it trying to "compress" my images and making the file unfit for printing. I eventually solved the problem by downloading Open Office and using that to export as PDF, which was very easy and had the added benefit of making it possible to use my own computer.  Here's hoping the book looks as good in print as it does on my computer screen! And now I've got see if I can figure out how to format an ebook, which I hear is particularly difficult for picture books. Wish me luck!

Also, I would like to thank David, Cordelia, Rebekkah, Natalie, and Kelly for beta reading an electronic draft for me. It was very helpful to have a few pairs of extra eyes to look at it before I submitted the files.

Keep watching for news that The Angel's Name is officially available or has been successfully converted to a readable ebook format. It won't be long now!

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