Friday, November 27, 2015

Guardian Angel Costume for Lammily Doll

I'm a couple of days behind on NaNoWriMo at the moment (Don't worry! I'll catch up soon!), but I wanted to show this off anyway. I won a contest on Facebook with this picture of my Lammily doll. Now, making doll costumes instead of writing can be placed firmly in the category of procrastination, but I had a fun idea and decided to carry it out anyway. I made everything except the sword (a letter opener my husband bought years ago when he studied abroad in Spain) and the two dolls (Lammily herself and a Tyco Quints doll from somewhere around 1990).  The sash is a bit of ribbon from a present I was given; when I saw it I immediately thought of making doll clothes. :p  The dress was made out of an old bit of cloth I had in a drawer (dare I admit that it was originally a pair of underwear?), and the wings were made from some crafting wire and a sparkly garland I picked up at the dollar store. They had feathers every time I looked at their craft aisle until the time I was actually looking for feathers, of course, so I ended up having to make do with something else. It turned out all right in that I didn't have to worry about pointing feathers the right way, but the garland did need a lot of trimming and made a terrible mess! The tiara I made out of some more wire and some beads from a broken necklace (gold-painted plastic) and others that were left over from making my wedding jewelry a few years ago (clear glass).  Oh, and the baby is wrapped in some other fancy ribbon I had not really used for anything yet. I don't have a sewing machine, so the stitching is minimal and a bit rough, but the contest was for dressing up and photographing a Lammily doll, not for sewing quality. I won a certificate and two entries in a drawing, and I guess I also got a cool picture and something to blog about (I have been sadly neglecting my blog).

The general idea is that she's supposed to look like those angel statuettes that are holding a baby, so I guess she is a guardian angel. I've never seen one with both a baby and a sword, though! It took a lot of work to get a decent picture, because any time there was enough light to show the doll's face properly all the glittery stuff on the wings reflected and made streaks and flashes of light in my photo.  Posing the doll was fun, though. I am rather fond of my Lammily doll (I call her Hannah, because Lammily is the name of the brand, not the doll). If you don't know what a Lammily is, here is a link to the official site. Essentially she is a fashion doll with realistic proportions. I played with Barbie a lot when I was a kid, but I would have loved it if I'd been able to get a doll that was shaped a little more like me, so when they came out with Lammily I had to get one even though I was already an adult. Oh, and there are a couple of paper dolls to print out on the blog section of the web site, too. I like paper dolls, and the Lammily ones are cute. 

I really should go back to writing my NaNoWriMo novel now. Happy Thanksgiving a day late!

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