Monday, February 6, 2012

Example Invention--Yarn Bookshelf

Well, this new blog looks a little blank with no entries, so I'm posting a picture of my famous yarn bookshelf.  This was the result of my long-ago attempt to stuff about four hundred books into half of a dorm room; obviously I ran out of shelf space long before I had placed all the books. One of my creative solutions was to turn the two towel racks over the foot of my bed into another shelf.  Since they weren't wide enough to hold books on their own, I rigged up a sort of yarn net to hold the books in place while the bottom towel rack supported most of the weight. The mental process went something like the following: "I need something to hold books. What do I have that holds things?  I have a lot of yarn. How can I make yarn hold books?"  A simple chain stitch and a little strategy resulted in this.  My roommate was pretty sure that it would fall right down on top of me, but it didn't.  The whole construction lasted quite well until I had to move out of the room, and then I had to cut it up with scissors to leave the towel racks in their original condition.  This photo and the memory remain.

Anyway, this blog is for all the random, crazy, creative things that I want to share.   Stay tuned for all sorts of surprises!

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