Sunday, December 8, 2013

Picture Book Experiment Post 10--Weather

It actually took me about five very short trips outside to photograph Neon and Jewel in one pose on Friday. Obviously, we finally have snow. And my gloves were making it impossible to create the tiny snowman, so I had to take them off. That made my hands too cold to stay out long, but I eventually got this scene by popping in and out (that tree is very close to my front door). This probably isn't the exact view I'll use in the finished story, and in any case I'll have to do a bit of photo editing, but it'll give you the general idea. I'm switching up the scene settings a bit by taking advantage of the weather changes! Then again, both Neon and Jewel look a bit ridiculous dressed like that in the snow, don't they?

The other project that I mentioned in the last post is going along fine, except that the tablet that I was using for the first step in the illustrations is having battery problems now. Thankfully, I've got that step mostly finished by now, though it's going to be difficult to finish the small amount I have left to do. I've got maybe half the illustrations for that finished and am still working on rewriting the ending. Expect more news on that soon and probably an example illustration, but my internet is out at home and I've got to blog from somewhere else at the moment.

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