Sunday, September 1, 2013

Picture Book Experiment Post 8--Setbacks

Well, I've had a few setbacks to the project lately.  Not only am I having trouble coming up with props, I actually lost Neon and Jewel for a couple of days.  I finally found them squashed under the seat of the couch. Pipe cleaners are pretty easy to squish back into shape, though, so no worries on that account.  The props are starting to come along, too, but I'm having to make a few things I didn't originally intend. And I've found a couple more potential photo-taking spots (I was being held up for lack of a swing and a place to hang it, actually), so I'll be back at the photographing a.s.a.p.  Baby's been pretty distracting lately--he said "Mommy" last night, which was a bit shocking, since he's still about a week away from six months. It'll be a while before that's a habit, I'm sure, but it's still exciting to hear it once. He's also climbing everything he can get hold of.

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