Sunday, August 25, 2013

Picture Book Experiment Post 6--Neon the Baby Toy

All right, I admit that I was a bit strapped for something to blog about this weekend--so I went through the pictures on my cell phone and pulled out a few of Neon being played with by the baby. These were taken the day after I made her, while we were on vacation. The baby was somewhere around three and a half months old....  It's really funny how much he likes her (I think it's the bright colors).  Anyway, whenever he sees Neon he tries really hard to get hold of her, but he's usually not too interested in Jewel (not as bright).  These photos prove that the pipe cleaner mermaid was originally intended to be a toy--the picture book idea came a little later, once I'd also made the fairy and was amused by the contrast between the two.

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