Saturday, August 17, 2013

Picture Book Experiment Post 4--Photo Editing: Backgrounds

Here's an example of what I mean by editing backgrounds.... That isn't all that I've done to this particular shot, but it's a good topic to focus on for the moment. Neon and Jewel are fantasy characters, and it looks a bit odd to see them just hanging out in a hedge in front of a normal building. Here's the original, unedited version of this picture:

See what I mean?  Even my particularly potent "suspension of disbelief" won't let me pretend this is a natural habitat for a mermaid and a fairy.  (Well, a more domestic sort of fairy, maybe, but I'm aiming for something a bit wilder than that.)  I don't want thoughts of "What building is that?" to intrude on my story-telling. And that means that I need to edit it out and replace it with something more natural. (I also need to blend the two photos together as well as I can, which I admit still needs work in this particular instance.) The photo I used for this picture's background was pulled from have essentially no budget for this project, so it's great to have free stock photos, and there are some nice ones in that collection.  I'll probably try a few more different backgrounds before I settle on one for this picture, but the example will give you the general idea.  I'm still looking for something more... woodsy.

Edit:  Here we go, it's woodsy now.

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