Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Picture Book Experiment Post 2--Taking Photos

I went out to get a few more photos of Neon and Jewel today--this is the first time I was actually caught in the act, by a neighbor walking her dog. She said they were cute and chatted for a couple of minutes before the dog pulled her away. I must admit that I felt slightly awkward as a grown woman walking around outside and photographing what is pretty much a couple of dolls, but hey, at least I do have an explanation for it (I have been known to do stuff like that without an explanation, not too many years ago). I'm having a bit of trouble getting the photos I want when the lighting is just right--taking photos requires having my husband home to watch the baby, since I'm not quite talented or experienced enough to hold a camera steady with a squirming baby in the other arm. (And that leaves out the need for both hands to pose the characters in the first place.) That means that several of the photos from today were unfortunately retakes of pictures that I'd already examined on the computer and decided didn't quite work. This particular photo is one that is kind of cute but I'm fairly sure I won't use in the book.  Neon and Jewel do other things besides sitting around in hedges, I promise, and eventually I'll post something to prove it.

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